About -Bush & Associates

Bush & Associates regroups 45 years of experience in France and a team of experts who share the same goals.

The Founder, Derek Bush, spent his first twelve years setting up and running one of France’s most successful Interior contracting companies in the 1980s; he put this knowledge about contracting into Design and project management and was one of the first practices to specialise in the Workplace as well as in Retail.

President Bilal Ali is a structural engineer used to major construction projects, including the Hinkley Point Nuclear plant. His staff cover most aspects of engineering services and provides backup to the larger Bush projects.

Raoul Cenan is a qualified French Architect, technically and administratively competent and experienced. He runs the Bush design and architecture services.

Our growing staff includes concept designers, technicians and a skilled project management team.


About - Our Services

Interior Design
3D Modelling

Bush and Associates provide a range of architectural, interior design, and engineering services with expertise in helping non-French companies manage their projects in France. Our team of fully qualified architects can assist with building permits, while our experienced interior designers can provide construction management services for workplaces, retail spaces, and leisure areas.

Additionally, we offer 3D point cloud surveys, project studies, feasibilities, budget cost estimates, and assistance with local administration and landlord problems. Our team is able to design and create concepts based on clients' needs and budget, and can manage detailed construction packages and specifications through to tenders. Finally, we can work within budgets and even offer turnkey operations to deliver projects to clients.

Our team is flexible and adaptable to meet clients' specific needs. You can reach out to Info@bushandassociates.archi to discuss your project and the services you require.